The fall season is approaching quickly and will be leading to winter. Due to the increased demands that will be placed on your vehicle by the decreasing temperatures, there are several components that you should have serviced before both fall and winter. We would love to assist you at Bob Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne with all of your needs and provide you with the quality service that our dealership provides.

There are several parts that you should replace or have us check before the weather gets colder. These are the parts that we typically see fail during the colder months of the year:


A car's battery provides power to nearly every component of the car and is constructed using a combination of fluids, plastics, and metals. When we service your vehicle we commonly check the battery terminals, the fluid levels, the battery power, and the overall condition of the battery. Batteries oftentimes, are covered under warranty, so if you need to replace your battery we will do our best to provide you with a great deal.


You should make sure that you replace your tires if you will be driving in an area that will have conditions with snow or ice. Many drivers may need to replace their tires simply because they are designed for summer use only. However, these tires can be preserved for the next summer season rather than being discarded. While winter tires are available, all-season tires can be purchased by customers who do not want to replace their tires based on the season but rather the condition of the tires.

Windsheild Wipers

Colder temperatures can make the air thicker and harder to see through. Additionally, cold conditions can cause windows to fog up. If you bring your vehicle to us to service we will certainly check the condition of your windshield wipers so that you can drive under some of the safest conditions possible.

Wipers are a key part that many people forget to monitor on their vehicles, but wipers do not last forever and need to be replaced periodically. It is safer to replace your wipers before fall than to replace after you realize that you can't see during a bad weather condition.

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