Temperatures are rising and the sky's getting brighter and bluer with each passing day. There's no mistake about it - Summer is almost here!

Before you strike off on the road to indulge in Summer fun, however, consider visiting the service center at Bob Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne. We work with drivers all over Indiana and can help you ensure your vehicle is ready for the season ahead.

Recommended Seasonal Service for Your Vehicle's Benefit

There are several common and useful maintenance procedures we'd recommend for Fort Wayne drivers in advance of their Summer driving. These include:

  • Seasonal Oil Change: Your vehicle depends on oil for lubrication and cooling. That's even more important during the Summer months when the weather is at its warmest. Our team will ensure you have the fresh oil your vehicle needs to thrive.
  • Brake & Battery Inspection: Before you embark on a long road trip, it makes sense to make sure these essential components are functioning at their best. Our team can identify any signs of trouble and make recommendations for replacement or repair.
  • Check Your Tires and Tire Pressure: You can have the best car in the world, and it's still going nowhere if your tires aren't up to snuff. Our service center team can confirm the condition of your tires and assist if they need attention.

Schedule Your Service Center Appointment Today to Learn More

Would you like to know more about all the ways our service center could help you get ready for Summer? Contact Bob Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne today to learn more and arrange your appointment. We offer service center specials designed to help you save.

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