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Visit Our Service Center for Your Seasonal Subaru Service

The fall season is approaching quickly and will be leading to winter. Due to the increased demands that will be placed on your vehicle by the decreasing temperatures, there are several components that you should have serviced before both fall and winter. We would love to assist you at Bob Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne with all of your needs and provide you with the quality service that our dealership provides.

There are several parts that you should replace or have us check before the weather gets colder. These are the parts that we typically see fail during the colder…

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How Oil Benefits Your Subaru

Before choosing the right oil for your Subaru, you must understand the job that oil has inside your vehicle. When your engine is running, oil gets pumped by the oil pump through the channels in the engine, where the oil both cools and cleans the engine, providing a slippery cushion for the moving parts to keep from grinding against one another. Explore all the reasons that choosing the right oil, and changing it regularly, is of utmost importance to keep your Subaru running for years to come.


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